Adapted Balance and Movement

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  1. Adapted PE Swings
    Adapted PE Swings Studies have shown that special needs children learn better and retain more information when being taught while swinging.

    Starting at $897.99

  2. Twist N Scoot
    Twist N Scoot
  3. Palos Sports Cooperative Band
    Palos Sports Cooperative Band Soft and stretchy band is designed for group movement and cooperation activities.

    Starting at $50.99

  4. Balance Dome
    Balance Dome Develop core stability and strength.
    In Stock
  5. Rainbow Mesh Tunnel
    Rainbow Mesh Tunnel Great for Adaptive PE.!
    In Stock
  6. Wooden Egg & Spoon Set
    Wooden Egg & Spoon Set Both egg and spoon have a flat side for younger users!
    In Stock
  7. Floor Surfer®
    Floor Surfer® Roller board for play and therapy.
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  8. UCS® Rainbow Barrel
    UCS® Rainbow Barrel
    Ships Soon
  9. The Zone™ Twist-N-Scoot
    The Zone™ Twist-N-Scoot Push your feet back-and-forth to make this scooter go!
    In Stock
  10. Inline Wheel Scooters
    Inline Wheel Scooters Pivots quick to change direction!

    Starting at $40.59

  11. Curve-A-Beam™
    Curve-A-Beam™ One set can configure 15 balance challenges!
    In Stock
  12. Two-Fer™ Double Scooters
    Two-Fer™ Double Scooters
    In Stock
  13. Catch & Balance Set
    Catch & Balance Set The challenges are endless!
    In Stock
  14. Contoured Scooter
    Contoured Scooter Curved design for better control!

    Starting at $19.99

  15. Sports Health™ Exercise Balls
    Sports Health™ Exercise Balls All purpose anti-burst fitness ball.

    Starting at $15.99

  16. Crawling Tunnel
    Crawling Tunnel Helps stimulate physical development, strengthen core muscles, and gross motor skills.

    Starting at $129.99

  17. Lightweight Hop Ball
    Lightweight Hop Ball Bouncing fun with your favorite sport!

    Starting at $18.99

Items 1-20 of 27

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