Heart Zones Blink 3.0+ Curriculum Smart Pack

Heart Zones 10 Sensor Pack – 20 (S/M) Bands, 20 (M/L) Bands
SKU: 16276-PS
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Heart Zones 20 Sensor Pack – 40 (S/M) Bands, 40 (M/L) Bands
SKU: 16277-PS
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Heart Zones 30 Sensor Pack – 60 (S/M) Bands, 60 (M/L) Bands
SKU: 1039646-PS
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Heart Zones 40 Sensor Pack – 80 (S/M) Bands, 80 (M/L) Bands
SKU: 1039647-PS
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Quick overview

Meet your digital students where they are with the Heart Zones Move Solution for physical education and health. Provides real-time feedback with multiple sensors for engagement and motivation so students can achieve their fitness goals. Track heart rate, steps, MVPA, calories, distance, speed, time in zones, step rate, and step intensity – real data for objective grading and assessments.