Palos In-School Deluxe Fitness Fun PE Kit

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Juggling Scarves: Set of 12
SKU: 15219-PS
Sports Health™ .125 Basic Yoga Mat: Single Mat
SKU: 29027-PS
PALOS™ Rubber Spots: Set of 6, 9'
SKU: 21026-PS
The Zone™ Licorice Speed Ropes: Set of 6, 9' Blue Handles
SKU: 12074-PS
Colored Plastic Balls: 9“ Baseball • Set of 6
SKU: 10520-PS
Standard-MESH™ Bags: 24“ x 36“ • Blue
SKU: 36124-PS
Colored Cone Sets: Set of 6 • 9“ Cones
SKU: 21048-PS
The Zone POWRDisc: 95 grams, 9“ diameter
SKU: 11019-PS
Out of stock
Foam Dice Set
SKU: 15034-PS
Sports Health™ Resistance Tubing: Light - Green
SKU: 53124-PS
Sports Health™ Resistance Tubing: Medium - Red
SKU: 53125-PS
Kanga Paddle: Kanga Paddle
SKU: 16827-PS
The Zone™ 1 Pressureless Training Balls: 5 Dozen
SKU: 49084-PS

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